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Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to easy investing with code-free modelling and automated trading signals. Build portfolios, create strategies, and test trading ideas against real market data. Transform investments and maximize profit to beat the market with any level of experience.

Transform ideas into profit

Our platform allows you to see immediate results from any trading strategy you design. Adjust and test your strategy instantaneously on more than 30 years of historical data.
Explore our platform to find the latest data and quality investment management tools.
10built-in strategies
30+years of data

New features coming soon

Tailored solutions

Using the data you provide, Alluvie will be able to offer personalised solutions to maximise your portfolio


Compete against other users for prizes and demonstrate your skills in trading


Alluvie will be intergrating an online brokerage into the platform to offer end-to-end trading for all users

Passive income

Users will be able to buy and sell trading strategies within the alluvie community marketplace

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Tell us your goals and we’ll do the heavy lifting. We can generate recommendations on thousands of assets, from equity, to commodities and crypto currencies.

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Build and automate any trading strategy you have in mind. Backtest your strategy against a large data library and automate your portfolio management.